SWP Changelog

Updates to v4.3.2
1. Added -by detection for bypass press(x) and start menu
2. Added -nohrp can now also be 2nd in commandline
3. Trimmed menu logo
4. gcc 4.4/5 fix
5. 8 bit rendering check for vista/win7
6. Fixed loading saved game name in log
7. Saved game now saves current track and not redbook[level]
8. Log displays correct loaded saved game
9. Log displays track number loaded
10. Added game save restore options
11. Fixed 'Apply' causing crash in multiplayer
12. Adjusted time limit display
13. Added MenuTrack
14. Added LastMusic
15. Added Coolie die with head if no ghost spawn
16. Added -rts to commandline
17. Added Stopsong if cdplay in multiplayer end
18. Added If Play CD is selected, saved games now save the actual track number selected.
19. Added When a saved game is loaded and its track number is the same as the current playing           track number, the track will just continue and not restart.
20. Added Only track numbers 4 and above can be saved.
21. Added If cd music at game end, kill midi music

Updates to v4.3.1
1. Fixed Deselect button not working properly.
2. Tweaked Logo.
3. Aligned Gaming Menu.

Updates to v4.3.0
1. Compiled back in Mingw 4.3.3.
2. Whole new look, logo and startup menu launcher.
3. Reset Video setting depending of fullscreen.
4. Each Addon and each map now has its own 10 saved games.
5. New saved games will always display its Title only.
6. Maps already completed will be displayed with 2 stars **
7. Last Map played will be displayed at top of list.
8. Last Addon played will be displayed at top of list.
9. Last played map and addon written to log.
10. Added Tab Help information in startup menu.
11. Added screen capture to all Menus (F12).
12. Added VSync (Vertical Sync) option to Video Screen Menu.
13. Added Music Tracks to Select Music Menu id playing CD music.
14. Added CD Music timed restart (see LoopFactor in .cfg file)
15. Added better 4:3 and widescreen aspect ratio.
16. Added a trap for the TNE addon to kill music during intro level 'Hall of Fame'.
17. Added You can now start a previous auto saved game from the startup menu.
18. Added Game now auto saves when you pickup a key.
19. Fixed cd music playing at same time as wave music.
20. Fixed LCD/CRT options both being selected.
21. Fixed Host / Client options both being selected.
22. Fixed mouse speed adjustment on game startup.
23. Fixed where default auto saves were being deleted when playing a user map or addon.
24. Fixed 8 bit classic mode in Windows7/Vista - selection in the startup menu only.
25. Improved on win7 compatibility.
26. Improved in game stats display.

Updates to v4.2.8
1. Fixed Startup crash due to brightness setting in wrong place.
2. Removed NoHrp setting from cfg as that was only a temp debug.
3. Removed temp de-sensitising of mouse x-axis movement.

Updates to v4.2.7
1. Windows 7 detection and compatibility.
2. Removed 8 bit classic operation in Windows 7 until further notice.
3. Changed the way in which the mouse sensitivity and speed works.
    This now has a much wider range and also the jittering was fixed.
4. Music folder is not limited anymore and will use whichever is selected in the Start Menu.
5. Fixed several crashes and freezing in Start Menu and game startup.
6. Added Minihud types in Video Menu, Classic/Modern/Alternate.
7. Removed background color dominance showing when using main hud (stripe across screen).
8. Removed showing of Keys and Keycards when using Classic Minihud.
9. Third Person (F7) is now also a keybind in Keyboard Setup.
10. Added underwater blue tint when using Hrp.
11. Added mention of refreshrate on video detection in log.
12. Fixed where a game sometimes did not notice a autosaved game.
13. Improved internal map colors - Tab.
14. Increased log display buffer.
15. Added -nohrp in command line (NB. Must be the very first command).
16. Replaced the 'Enable Map Co-orinates' in Start menu with 'Disable High Resolution'
17. Shifted User Stats to top righthand screen.
18. Re-aligned crosshair position.
19. Transfered Commandline Info to Start Menu.
20. Swp now requires MinGW 4.4.0 to compile.

Updates to v4.2.6
1. Fixed occasional music change crash.
2. Fixed Crosshair sometimes distorting.
3. Fixed Bonus Screen game exit.
4. Added Player Weapon Hide to Game Menu.
5. Added extra ammo icons to mini hud.
6. Totally revamped minihud display.
7. Moved Alt Minihud and Weapon Icon options to Video Menu.

Updates to v4.2.5
1. Added .wav music.
2. Added Select Music Menu for in game selections.
3. Added a delete function in Music Menu.
4. Fixed where loading a AutoSavedGame sometimes killed player.
5. Fixed sprite crash if sector number was negative.
6. Fixed where a saved game would sometimes not load properly.
7. Fixed where a crash could occur at the game end 'nuke button'.

Updates to v4.2.4
1. Fixed Startmenu for Shareware operations.
2. Fixed where night vision green tint not functioning.
3. Adjusted overall palette operation for menu.

Updates to v4.2.3
1. Added Map Co-ordinates to start menu.
2. Fixed several underwater sound bugs.
3. Changed overhead mapname position.
4. Added 2 Uzis for swgimme.
5. Fixed flashbomb clearing inventory textures.
6. Added alternate minihud in 8 and 32 bit modes.
7. Added RTS (Alt F1-F10) enabled in singleplay.
8. Added search for map.rts or addon.rts.
9. Fixed always show menu at startup.
10. Assigned F2 for Multiplayer Menu.
11. Added Usermaps to Episode and Multiplayer Menus.
12. Added Addon.grp ability in Multiplayer.
13. Fixed all Out of Sync errors in Multiplay.
14. Fixed Widescreen option not holdiong in menus.
15. Fixed huds not showing in screen menu.
16. Added increase maps folder to 1000 maps.
17. Added Yang Multiplay Compatibilities.
18. Added Multiplayer color definitions for highres.

Updates to v4.2.2
1. Fixed a small problem with loading cd tracks.

Updates to v4.2.1
1. Fixed Addon map extraction not working in menu.
2. Fixed internal level index being wrong in menu.

Updates to v4.2.0
1. Code re-write to Mingw requirements.
2. Complete new game frontend start menu.
3. Complete new Mini HUD 8 and 32 bit.
4. Complete menu re-write.
5. Updated multiplay code.

Updates to v4.1.4
Made for Sw_Lrp.zip (lowres) compatibility.

Updates to v4.1.3
Added maps path only if -map detected in commandline.
Added previous autosave to loads on F3 menu.
Fixed missing fonts in Shareware.

Updates to v4.1.2
Fixed Shareware bug.
Added -music filename from Music folder
Eg: Swp.exe -music Whatever.mid -map Mymap.map
Should an Mp3, Ogg or some other type of music be selected,
this will open in Winplayer or whatever media you have chosen to play your music.
Using SwpStartup v2.4 will work nicely with this option.

Added Autosave (Off, Auto, Manual)
In Auto mode the game will be saved everytime you pick up health or Armour.
This can be loaded via F9 or any of the loadgame options.
Pressing F5 will do a 'manual' Autosave and is all that is available in the Manual option.

Fixed several game prompts.
Replaced F4 with Options Menu.
Added Saved Game Map option.
Basically with any new saved games, the map played for that game will now be displayed.
Older saved games will still be compatible but mapnames will displayed as be N/A.

Added RandomMusic option for Music folder.
If selected, usermaps will use a random music file from your Music folder.

Updated SwpSetup.exe and SwpStartup.exe with latest settings.

Updates to v4.1.1
Fixed several menus not working when using Shareware.

Updates to v4.1.0
Fixed verticle dots in crosshair when in 8 bit mode.
Added crosshair options.
Added Texture compression options.
Fixed Anistopy not clearing.
Fixed mapname.mid sometimes not loading.

Updates to v4.0.9
Added Usegoodalpha in the form of Alpha Channel in Menu.

Updates to v4.0.8
Fixed the Load Saved Game - Y/N which got messaed up in 4.0.6

Updates to v4.0.7
Fixed Multiplay messages.
Fixed Video Options Menu crash.

Updates to v4.0.6
1. Fixed Video Menu memory leak crash.
2. Fixed 8bit mini status bar.
3. Fixed Multiplay modes.
4. Added Menu text color adjustment in Video Options.
5. Adjusted new minibar armor box to fit in multiplay.
6. Adjusted several menus to accomodate multiplay.
7. Added new multiplay highres statusbar to Swp.grp.
8. Added Multiplay option to SWPStartup.

Updates to v4.0.5
1. Added additional Screen Menu
2. Fixed Screensize option
3. Fixed windowed caption
4. Fixed /? command 5. Added Commmandline option to Game Menu
6. Commandline options in SWP.log
7. Dumped UseSwpStatus and HrpZipLoader options as these are now permanent.

Updates to v4.0.4
1. Added new Main Menu
2. General adjustmenst to menus
3. Adjust Ninja Troat animation for Highres

Updates to v4.0.3
1. Fixed the saved game problem created in 4.0.2
2. Added Texture Filtering to Screen menu.
3. Added Anisotropy options to Screen menu.
4. Added High Tile option to Screen menu.
5. Added Model option to Screen menu.
6. Removed large Statusbar when in Screen menu.
7. Added option for Weapon icons in small Hud.
8. Fixed "Shurikens" pickup when it supposed to be "Darts"
9. Added Player/Wang Talking option.
10. Added SWP version number to startup splash screen.
11. Improved on crosshair accuracy.

Updates to v4.0.2
1. Increased max screenwidth from 1600 to 3072.
2. Autosize of cursor icon in menus.
3. Added Mouse Scale X and Y in Mouse settings.
4. Added a 'More..' option to a seperate Submenu.
5. Added 'Help/Hint' line for this menu.
6. Fixed SWP Startusbar on/off
7. Added weapon icon selections to small hud (icons in SWP.grp)
8. Added new set small Red Fonts to SWP.grp
9. Changed how the new key cheats work.
10. SwpBuild compatible.

Updates to v3.9.x
Added a small hack where the Ninjas no longer revertback to 8 bit textures.