Release Version 2.5

Download UTMonitor

UTMonitor is a Multiplayer Server Monitor giving the user several options:

* Select an optional User file
* Add or subtract up to 20 servers.
* Join the game with a choice up to 10 configurable nicknames.
* Join the game with a choice of 24 selectable Skins. (new in 2.0)
* Join the game with a Team Color of your choice.
* If the game is Password protected, select your password here.
* Join the game as a Spectator or Player.
* Now you can start a Singleplay game and select a map. (new in 2.1)
* Use a grid option if you like.


You can scan all servers or just one.
Pings are calculated to the game and not the server.
Right clicking on a server gives more options.
UTMonitor only waits a maximum period of 2 seconds per server thus not
wasting any time during scanning.