This section basically explains what a ClanLeader needs to do to setup a ClanMatch.

The Setup Menu can now be used regardless what Game is currently being played.

Voting for Clan Matches has been removed completely as its basically never used and with the new Majority vote system does not work too well for Clans.

If the ClanPassword is now omitted, the GamePassword will be used if there is one.

Up to 3 Games can now be pre-setup for a Clan match.

There is now an option which will end a Game if the Teams have Tied.

Server Name
Clan Admin have the option of setting a custom Server Name for the match.
However there is a bClanServName=True in the IniOnly section and if set to False the Server Name option will be disabled and the normal -[ClanMatch] added to the current Servername.
NB.. The Server Name option will only work if a Password is set.

Clan Names
Clans can now enter their Clan Names and these will be displayed for the screenshot at the end of the match instead of the normal Blue Team and Red Team.

Clan Admin now have the option to add Mutators to their matches for each seperate Game played.

Client Menu
Except during a Warmup, Clans will have access to the Client Menu if the Map Menu is called.

When a Game starts UT2Vote will check if its a Clan Match and if it is, it will check if its a Team Type Game and not a DeathMatch Game, and if its a DeathMatch Game, the game will Abort with a message and go onto the next Game or reset the Game back to its default state.
This now also a Clan=False option in the GameType string so that ClanAdmin cannot see a DeathMatch type game in the Clan Setup

End Map
When this button is clicked by the Clan Admin, the current map will be canceled, all scores cancelled and the match will switch to the next map if there is one, end the match or else reset back to default.

Start Match
The ClanMatch gets started.
Before this button is used, all settings must be saved with Submit Game Info!

Set Match
The ClanMatch gets prepared.
It will start after the current map has ended.
Before this button is used, all settings must be saved with Submit Game Info!

If no clanmatch is running, this will clear the actual setup.
This button becomes the EndMatch-Button as soon as a match is in progress.

End Match
As before - this will end the Match and reset the game back to its default state.

Swap Teams
Should Teams wish to swop colors for a particular Map, it has to be done with this button else the scoring system will loose track and award the wrong points to the wrong Team. Teams will swap instantly with this button.

Warmup Display
This will now permanently be displayed during a Warmup regardless whether in Hud or ScoreBoard and also ONLY during a Clan Warmup will the ScrollLock key be Hardwired for a Ready State and the display will be:
<< Warmup Period - Press ScrollLock when Ready >>
Players can ofcourse still use their Home or whatever key is bound to UT2VoteMenu.

Clan Save Default Setup

This is an option for the Admin to save the complete Clan Setup as a Default for future games.
This can then call the last Setup with the Load Default Setup button.