Other Stuff

To get the BonusVehicles for Onslaught working in UT2Vote.
Because the maps with Bonus Vehicles share the same name, UT2Vote now has some Ghost maps.
These maps must have a Map Prefix of ECE-
So all the maps that have Bonus vehicle capability, rename them to ECE- instead of the normal ONS- maps.
You can have both running also for instance:

Now just set the AltMapPrefix="ECE" in the GameString for Onslaught.

There is aAltMapPrefix= in every GameType string.
This gives the Admin the option of having up to 10 different types of maps in each gametype.
AltMapPrefix="CTF" in a DeathMatch game will also show all CTF maps in the Vote menu.

WebAdmin Stuff
Mutate and UT2Vote commands added to WebAdmin Console.
If bWebAdmin=True then these commands will replace the 'say' command in the WebAdmin Console.
The Mutate command will be passed to all mutators currently running.
The UT2Vote command can be used to change options in the UT2VoteConfigs and UT2VoteVoting sections:
UT2Vote ?GamePassword=whatever?bAllowKick=False?bArenaAlone=True?bUseChatLog=True
Then click Send
NB. The following are not available with the above:
DefaultGame - ServerMuts - ServerLine

Reserved Admin Spectator
Should the server be full, an Admin can send a command from WebAdmin reserving a special Slot for himself.
This will allow him to enter the game regardless:
In the WebAdmin console, remove the say command and:
UT2Vote ?AdminSpec=nickname
This will allow an Admin into the game, and close the 'hole' when he leaves.

Escape Key bug
This is the bug where the Escape key does not work in custom games.
If you want UT2Vote to handback the Escape key to Custom games,
then add to the GameType= Command string:
This will tell UT2Vote not to block the Escape key.
This will also help when thawing players in 3SPNs Freon game.
NB... It is not advisable to do this for standard UT2004 games.

Do and Donots

-TF-Maul Mapnames
It has been brought to our attention about a problem where the Mapname Prefix gets distorted.
This is because certain admin break the rules and alter UT2Vote in a way it does not understand.
The 10 Default games that are supplied with UT2Vote in the GameType section are NOT to be removed, or have their GameClasses changed in any way what so ever.
If these games are removed UT2Vote looses its reference and also the MapPrefix="CTF" information for any particular game. If an Admin does not want that game then all he needs to do is set the HideVote=True in the GameType string.

Many Admin also seems to not understand the use of the DefaultGame in UT2Vote.
Normally this would be the game that is in the Server startup command.
It can be some other game provided that game is in the GameType List.
Some Admin also presume it will switch to this defaultgame on Server startup.
This will only happen after 2 minutes provided the server is empty of players.

The GameClass of a game is set by the author who wrote the game and cannot be changed.
As from UT2Vote59 GameClasses can now be dyplicated as many times as you want.
Should you wish to create games with different GameClasses and MapLists the use GameMake.
Download GameMake3

There seems to be some confusion of what Mutators go in this line.
Basically any Mutator that is Server related and not Game related goes here.
Or any Mutator that will be used in every game, regardless of what is voted for.

The same applies here, you do not add common commands here like ?Translocator=False etc.
This section again is for Server related commands such as:

Player Banning
It is now possible to ban a Player even if he has left the server.
The Players nickname will appear in the list below a heading:
--- Players already left ---