Explanation of the UT2Vote59.ini file setup:

As UT2Vote is now a complete package it is devided into several sections:

This section covers the General configurations and effects all games and is universal to the package.

This section covers the configurations in connection with all vote timings.

This section is used exclusively by UT2Vote internally.

As from 1.7 all variables that are Admin configurable in the Ini file only go here.

This is probably the most important section and much time will be spent setting these up, although UT2Vote59 does come all the default game configurations already setup for you and any changes can be made in the Admin Menu or done manually here before you start your server.

This is pretty much self explanatory and fairly simple to setup.
This part can only be done here in the UT2Vote59.ini file and is not configurable ingame.

ServerPackages to be added when a Mutator is voted for.

Define your map with max, min and size - small/big map.

Here you can enter the games you want your server to switch to at any particular given time.

Admin can add a selection of maps here to display and be voted for to the players.

Again, this section is used internally and stores all the information from Players that have been kicked off, or voted off your server. The only time you will set anything manually here is if you want to ban some on a permanent basis.

This section is used mainly internally by UT2Vote and any maps that need Level Timelimits set or maps that you reject from the Maplist goes here.
Just a side note, when an Admin brings up the VoteMenu the About button becomes a Reject/Restore button and he can reject or restore maps.

This is only information for the Server Admin and will give a list of the all the Voted Maps, in a list from most played to least played.
The map Opinions will also be part of these maps and can be listes in either Voted or Opinion order.

In the User.ini file you will see the client settings.

This is used internally by UT2Vote for Clanmatch Setup configurations

Used to configure the Server Advertising Messages