About UT2Vote

UT2Vote now has a new type of voting system based on a Majority Vote.
The Admin has the option whether players can change their vote.
A vote Tally display will be ovelayed on the Map Image showing the current voting status.
Voting will continue in 2 ways:
1. If a changed vote is not allowed, voting continues till all players have voted ot till timeout.
2. If changed vote is allowed, voting continues until all possible players have made a vote change or till timeout.
When voting closes, the item with the most votes wins, regardless of what percentage it is.
If however there was no majority a random selection of the tied votes will be chosen.

Game Voting
Players can vote for a new game provided there are enough players for that game.
The Admin has an option to set the minimum amount of players required for each gametype.
Once a Game has been voted for a new maplist for that game will appear requesting a map vote for the game.

Mutator Voting
All standard UT2004 Mutators can be voted for any particular level or Game.
The winning Mutator will then be introduced into the current map and game.

Arena Voting
Here all the popular weapon arenas are available for voting.

Kick Voting
Here, players can chooses to vote someone off the server and for any number of levels.
The Admin can also use this option without a vote.

Admin Options
The UT2Vote Admin now has many options to which a game can be configured.
A hint (help) line is shown for each option in the menu.

Clan Match Game Setup
The Server Admin can now enter a password for Clan Leaders to call a GameSetup Menu to configure the Game.
The game in question can now be setup to all match requirements including a game password.
This menu also has hints (help) to guide the Clan Admin through the setup.

UT2Vote Passwords
The ServerAdmin can now enter a password for the Clan Leaders in the Admin Options to enable them
access to the Setup menu for Clan matches or a Clan Practice.

Special Operation
UT2Vote will at 2 minute intervals always monitor the game in progress.
Should there be no players on a server and various items have been voted for, in other words, the game is no
longer the default game, UT2Vote will now disable all voted items and restore the game back to its original state.

Menu Commands
1. The Main Map Menu (all players)

  • Mutate UT2VoteMenu

    2. The Client Menu (all players)
  • Mutate UT2VoteClient

    3. Admin Password Logon
  • Mutate UT2VoteLogin password

    4. Admin Logout
  • Mutate UT2VoteLogout

    Special Admin Functions
    NB. The Clan Admin functions do not include the Admin Options Menu.
    Admin can switch maps, games, arenas, mutators, kick players etc without voting.