Adds several cool Scoreboards
Version 101

Download SmartSB 101

Change Log

Configuration Guide



Add SmartSB101.u to your UTServer/System folder.
Add CountryFlags32b.utx to your UTServer/Texture folder.
Open your Server.ini file and add under:


Prefered method.

Or add to the command line: ?Mutators=SmartSB101.SmartSB
This needs to be the last mutator in the command line.

Country Flags
In order for your server to display the country flags you need to install IpToCountry.
All installation instructions in the Readme

Download ipToCountry v1.6

For the latest flag textures used in SmartSB download CountryFlags32b
and unzip into your UT/Textures folder.

Download CountryFlags32b

For those that use Nexgen112N
NexgenSSB is a Nexgen plugin to allow SmartSB ServerInfo when pressing F2.

Download NexgenSSB
Instructions in Readme

MultiKill Problems
If you experience a MultiKill display or sound problem set:
Then use another mod like 2k4Combos

Changes and Fixes in SmartSB101

Version 101 Final
Added bUsePartyScoreboard for new year party Scoreboards.
Fixed Bots getting flags in ServerInfo.

Version 101z
Changed Domination FragLimit to ScoreLimit.
Incorporated DOM with SCF scoreboard.
Added additional player sound exit check.

Version 101y
Dumped 800x600 resolution scoreboards.
Disabled Frags being cleared during LMS game.
Added bShowMaxCTFBoard for CTF Full and Alt scoreboards also in menu.
Added Frags to CTF and DOM Full & Alt Scoreboards.
Re-spaced all Frags, Scores and Deaths.
bExcludeBotsInStats now excludes Bots in F2 ServerInfo.
Player Owner now has LAN flag in ServerInfo if no countryflag.
Added bShowRankBadges to scoreboard options.

Version 101x
Adjusted IpToCountry init to accept spectators.
Fixed 4 team scoreboard not switching on F3.
Added configurable AltLineColor in scoreboard options.
Removed 0's from Killtypes and Pickups.
Fixed flag Saves and 'Nice catch'.
Fixed F3 keybinding for Assault Objectives.
Added Assault scoreboard with objectives.

Version 101w
Fixed Join/Leave sounds.
Fixed bGameEndLeaveSound also not working.
Fixed TopTime HUD Status size adjustment.
Adjusted the way Multikills are derived.
Changed purple stats to cream color.
Made IpToCountry initializing more positive.
Added Bot IDs to search incase different name.
Added local ping if bDisableBotInfo=false.

Version 101v
Reverted Multikill displays and sounds back to 101t + 101tt.
Fixed TripleKill not happening.

Version 101u
Rewrote all Multikill displays and sounds.
Removed bAltMultiKillDisplay.
Added bGameEndLeaveSound for leave sound at game end.
Added client option for Coloured/Green stat lines.
Spectators now see stats same as players.

Version 101t
Added bEnableJoinLeaveSounds for Player join and leave sounds.
Reduced WelcomeMessage font size below 1920x1080.
Added all pickups and multikills to Player Recovery.
Added bAltMultiKillDisplay for alternate multikill displays.

Version 101s
Fixed LowGR gravity detection for false airkills.
Fixed flag overlap on personal scoreboard.
Fixed Bot ping black colors when bDisableBotInfo=True.
Added WelcomeMessage to ini file.
Added bDisableFullScoreboard also in admin menu.
Rescaled Kill and Pickup Types (wider spaced).

Version 101r
If bDisableBotInfo clear bot flags, pings and stats.
Removed LastDeathTime in double kills.
Removed bShowCTFScoreboard.
Added InitializeBoard if player hits F1 before startup.
Syncronozed Bot names to ping, flag etc.
Added BotNoFlagIcon= to SmartSBBotInfo.
Added BotNoFlagCountry= to SmartSBBotInfo.
Added MaxTeams=4 to TeamGamePlus if Domination 4 Team.

Version 101q
Renamed 101p to 101q for 436/451 mismatch versions.

Version 101p
Rescaled Personal Scoreboard.
Fixed unnecessary double kill stats.
Fixed Assists players and sound.
Added Assists timer for sound delay when 'Taken the Lead'.
Fixed all Personal Scoreboard stats not displaying.
Fixed player Scoreboard LocalTimes.
Added FlagReturns to Personal SB CTF stats.
Switched Powerups hide/show.

Version 101o
Added !SSB check to SmartSB chat minitoring.
Capped armor amount to 150 max.
Added detailed Personal scoreboard.
Added options in menu for various scoreboards.
Adjusted Assists to coincide with sound.
Removed Assists from bonus.
Added 800x600 to ServerInfo.

Version 101n
Re-aligned Powerups for all resolutions.
Set powerups default to Hide.
Removed Doublejump.
Fixed F2 ServerInfo startaup.
Added clear F2 ServerInfo in HUD menu.
Made small HUD timer seperate bShowHudTimer in ScoreBoard.
Changed all Powerup display to text.
Forced HUD transparency where necessary.
Added Dropped Flag Timeout.
Added drop flag timeout and flagname in HUD menu.
Flag playername and time in all 4 team games.
Added larger fonts to HUD scores if 469.
Standardized MultiCTF flags and scores.
Made Domination X's flexible to HUD movement.
Made Armor powerup standard 150 - 0.
Improved CTF flag names.
Fixed Amp counter when dead and pausing.
Scaled SSB Logo for better fit.
Rescaled top Timer.

Version 101m
Limited Hud score/rank/spread to 1024x768 max.
Removed background for score/rank etc.
Fixed spectator list repeating 'Player'.
Added new F2 Serverinfo Display.
Combined bCTFGameSounds with bOtherGameSounds.
Added all powerups to Hud + Menu.
Added top right Time Left option + menu.
Removed powerup display to spectators.
Added experimental DoubleJump option also in menu.

Version 101L
This was a experimental version and stored for possible later use.

Version 101k
The sound "Nice Catch" will now also be played if you pickup the enemy flag after its been dropped within 15 meters of the enemy base.
The sound "Assist" will now also be played if you pickup the enemy flag after its been dropped within 15 meters of the your base.
Enabled UTPure to handle ServerInfo
Added show player scores when spectator
Made gold color more goldish
Fixed Survivability over run.
Fixed DM HUDColor by adding new DM Hud
Test for Nexgen and NewNetUnrealv0_9_15
Replaced with U in Uber Long Range Kill.

Version 101j
Fixed Keybind not working in Info window.
Added Survival (Surv) to all mini scoreboards.
Added a separate WRI for Menu to open without scoreboard.
Added extra Lighter shade for scoreboard in Menu.
Added Time remaining to hud with Menu option.
Added all stats on Full and Alt Scoreboards in CTF game at game end.
Added extra devide line for full and alt scoreboards.
Added control of all right side flags and icons.
Added right side CTF flags back.
Added scaled 4 Team Huds side flags and icons for most resolutions.
Added playername to side flags in CTF games.
Added increased Ping font size.
Fixed LMS Kills registering incorrectly.
Created Nexgen plugin see above.

Version 101i
Fixed CTF and Team game side flags and scores.
Add additional small Font option.
Fixed red tint behind face and flag.
Adjusted various stats alignment.
Started work on F2 ServerInfo.

Version 101h
These are purley experimental changes and was not released.

Version 101g
Removed test 640x480 scoreboard.
Added 3 font options S,M,L in Menu.
Rescaled all fonts to medium.
Scoreboard vertical shade height now also rescales.
800x600 now only in mini scoreboard.
Vertically enlarged menu slightly.
Added Scoreboard devider option in menu.
Top endgame message now part of scoreboard.
Added HUD to override ServerInfo block.

Version 101f
Fixed end game last place sounds.
HeadHunter only if not died.
Made Provision for MonsterHunt with mini scoreboard.
Added a cancel all scoreboards for MonsterMatch.
Cater for nexgen top text box.
Added Headers to Scoreboard position movement.
Added scoreboard FooterFont to scaling.
Removed indicator shade.
Added new SmartSB logo.
Added Mini SB header removal option.
Added Mini SB header option in menu.
Improved Playername size testing.
Made all mini scoreboard text larger.
Fixed many access nones.
Added a experimental DM mini scoreboard for 640x480.

Versions 101a to 101e
Added 4 Team TDM and CTF Scoreboards
This is a big step and is added for all 4 team games.
SmartSB auto recognizes CTF4 and MultiCTF games and auto switches to 4 team scoreboards.
To play with 4 team TDM games (not CTF) a setting in the UnrealTournament.ini file needs to be set.

Changed logon Logo
Due to the name change, we felt a new logo was also needed.
The logo now senses different resolutions and sets itself accordingly.

Mini Scoreboards
Mini scoreboards have now been added to all games, DM, TDM, CTF and all 4 team games.
The CTF Mini scoreboards having up to 10 different stats which now switch 5 by 5
so no resolution looses any information.

Rank adjustments
Rank badges are now applied to all scoreboards, Full, Alt and Mini.

Scoreboard Indicator
This has also been updated in the upper right of the screen to show which scoreboard is currently in use.
A dark shading has also been added for better clarity.

Attention to 1024x768 and 800x600
Special attention has been paid to these 2 old resolutions for the many players still using these modes.
1024x768 now have all the stats in their Mini scoreboards that are normally only seen in 1920x1080.
This is done via a switching operation that switch 5 stats every 6 seconds or so.

Updated for Patch 469
The complete mod has been completely re-scaled to suite the new patch 469.
The scoreboards do look much nicer in 469 than previous so do update asap.

Sounds Added
Several new sounds have been added to most games, namely:
1. Double Kill.
2. Triple Kill.
3. Multi Kill.
4. Mega Kill.
5. Altra Kill.
6. Monster Kill.
7. Ludicious Kill.
8. Holy Shit.
9. Wicked Sick.
10. Headshot.
11. Head Hunter.
12. Flawless Victory.
13. Last Place. (4 to 6 players)
14. Humiliating Defeat. (7+ players)

Menu Sound Options
There are now 2 Sound options in the menu.
1. MultiKill Sounds
2. CTFGame Sounds
These sounds always used to be serverside and handled by the admin.
These have now been transfered to clientside for each player to select.

Air Kill
When a player kills another player while in the air.
This happens at approx the peak of a double jump.
It is available as a stat in all mini scoreboards.

Scoreboard adjustment
This has been added for each player which can be found in the Settings menu in the form of a Slider.
This will move the scoreboard up or down to where the player wants it.
This was added for the various amounts of text available at the top right.

Help Menu
The Help menu has been well updated to reflect all the abbreviations used in SmartSB.
SmartSB will detect if the player is using patch 469 and add a extra Font button.
This is to change the font size if the new GUIScale option has been changed in the UT Menu.

F3 Toggling
The F3 key now toggles the scoreboards, Full / Alt / Mini / Standard.
Which ever is last used is where it will be saved as default.
NB: The 4 Team scoreboards only toggle between Mini4 and Standard.

Fixed Items
Twice repeated kill broadcasts.
As many Access Nones as possible.
Fixed badges in DM mini SB.
Fixed DM tie and sound problem.

Configuration Guide

Server Side Configurations

Add the country flags package you wish to use here.
Currently available are: CountryFlags2, CountryFlags3, CountryFlags32b.

Add your country here which will show on a LAN Server or offline Bot game.
For instance South Africa is: CountryFlags32b.ZA

The name of your Country.

Some Servers prefer to use another mod for the CTF scoreboard.
In that case set this to False.

If your server has the game MonsterHunt and uses another
mods scoreboard, set this False.

Enables/Disables SmartSB HUDs and 'F2' ServerInfo.

If you do not want spawnkills to be used as part of a players
multiskill count the set this to False.

The CTF scoreboards switch between Score+Stats and Frags+Stats.
If you wish to disable this set it to False.

This is the time in seconds that the above Frag/Score switching takes.

The delay time in seconds before the Announcer says "Flawless Victory".

If set to True and a player gets disconnected from a Server and reconnects within
a set period, all his score, frags and stats will be restored to that player.

When true and a player plays like in Godmode, the players gets a message:
"This is just TOO EASY for "Playername.

When set to true there will be several extra displays in the log file.

When False, the SmartSB logon logo will be disabled.

When set to True, the Bots will not be counted in the Stats table.

SmartSB can display spectators in the scoreboard.
Setting this to False will disable that feature.

Setting this to False will disable all killing verbal announcements.

This basically changes the way in which a flag assist works and is best left True
The time in seconds between spawning for a kill to be counted when playing in an arena.

Same as above but without an arena,

The scantime in milliseconds that the scoreboard is refreshed.
This is best left at 5.

The time in seconds before the logon message appears at the top left.

Switches Long Range messages on off.

Switches "spawnkilling lamer" messages on off.

Switches various "people covering your FC" messages on off.

Switches "You get X bonus pts for the Assist!" messages on off.

Switches the Announcers count down on off.

Flag Capured bonus.

Flag Carrier Assis bonus.

Bonus for killing the flag carrier.

Bonus for covering the flag carrier.

Bonus for taking the enemy flag.

Minimum Bonus for capturing the flag.

Bonus for returning your flag to base.

Bonus for returning your flag to base from midway.

Bonus for returning your flag to base from enemy base.


Bonus for saving your flag.

GameInfo[0]=(bEnabled=True,GameNames="Tournament DeathMatch,DeathMatch",Color="R=0,G=128,B=255")
This displays what color the Admin requires each game Heading to have.
Whatever game name is placed in the GameNames= separated with a comma,
the color in Color= will be used for that game in the scoreboard.

This is set in the Menu and represents which row (0-9) is selected.
SSBIcons[0]=(Top1Icon="" etc,
Thes icons are the 3 icons representing players that come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a game.
The icon that is displayed if a player dies.
RedTeamIcon= etc,
These are the icons that show in the Headers of the Teams.

This represents which SSBHeader[] is used and is set in the Menu.
Whether the header background should be transparent.
RedHeader="" etc,
The icon texture used for the header.
RedHeading="Red Team" etc,
The text name for each of the Teams.
RedHeadingColor=(R=255,G=0,B=0,A=255) etc,
The color of the text heading.

This section is if the Admin wants some reality from the Bots.
bDisableBotInfo=False If set to True, the Bots will all just be ordinary Bots.
BotInfo[0]=(bUse=True,CountryFlag="CountryFlags32b.NZ",CountryName="NEW ZEALAND",Ping=70)
bUse=True if this row is usable.
CountryFlag= is the packages used, default is CountryFlags32b.
CountryName= is the name of the country the Bot comes from.
Ping= is the ping given to the Bot, if 0 a random ping will be chosen.
Up to 32 Bots can be used.

Client Side Configurations

These configurations are all available in the client Menu.

bShowLighterBack (New in 101j)
This is a option for the scoreboard back ground shading to be lighter.

Use all the Mini scoreboard stats or only 1.

Show the scoreboards transparent.

Show all player inline in DeathMatch.

Show the Tickrate at the bottom of the screen.

Show the crosshair when viewing the scoreboard.

Hear all killing sounds.

Hear all CTF related sounds.
Hear other game sounds from SmartSB.

Add a devider in the scoreboards to seperate players.

Adjustment to move scoreboard up and down the screen.

Shows the Score/Rank/Spread in the Hud.

Shows the teime left below the top health monitor.

Shows the the new Hud powerup display option.
Disabled, Show and Hide.
With the Hide option, the graphic will only appear when its active.

Change the font sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

This is used internally and should not be adjusted.


CTF and other sounds
"Use CTF Game Sounds" is checked in the menu.

1. If you capture a flag then you get the "Captured" sound.
2. If you have saved the flag near the enemy base and the enemy flag is in its base you get a "Nice catch" sound.
    The sound "Nice Catch" will now also be played if you pickup the enemy flag after its been dropped at 1.5 meters or higher.
3. If your team has 1 more flag capture than the other team you get "Taken the Lead" sound.
4. If the other team has 1 more flag capture than your team you get "Lost the Lead" sound.
5. Shoot someone in the head you get "Head Shot" sound.
6. Have 5 kills without dying you get "Head Hunter" sound.
7. You shoot someone 2 jumps high or more in the air, you get "Ownage" sound.
8. You pickup the flag after another team member drops it in your half of the map you get a "Assist" sound.
    The sound "Assist" will now also be played if you pickup the enemy flag after its been dropped.

Multikill sounds
"Use Multi Kill Game Sounds" is checked in the menu

2 kills = "Double Kill"
3 kills = "Triple Kill"
4 kills = "Multi Kill"
5 kills = "Mega Kill"
6 kills = "Ultra Kill"
7 kills = "Monster Kill"
8 kills = "Ludicrous Kill"
9,10 kills = "HolyShit"
11+ kills = "WhickedSick"

Other sounds
"Use Other Game Sounds" is checked in the menu

1. You win the game in DM with no Deaths you get "Flawless Victory" sound.
2. You come last in a DM game with less than 8 players you get "Last Place" sound.
3. You come last in a DM game with more than 8 or more players you get "Humiliating Defeat" sound.

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