Release Version 2.1

Download ServerBots

With ServerBots you will always have the same Bots on your server regardless of how many players there are.
As the server reaches capacity the Bots will start to leave and return as a player leaves.
Together with El Muertes Bullshit you will fool many a player.
ServerBots is for all UT2003 Game types.

Update in 2.1
Up to now Bots would only leave when the server is Full and a player joins.
The problem with this was your server would show 12/12 in the Browser and players would not join thinking the server was full. Now the Bots will start leaving when your server reaches Max - 1
In this way it will never show full with Bots therefore showing 11/12 for a 12 players server.

ServerBots Options

  • Name= Give your Bot a personal name.
  • Character= Give your Bot a character skin.
  • Voice= Choose a voice for your Bot.
  • Ping= Give your Bot a ping :)
  • Skill= Select a skill level from 1 to 7.
  • RandomPing= If True the pings will fluctuate 20% either side the set value,
          else if set to False then the pings will move up/down by 8.
  • bStartGame= If True then after the set time in StartDelay the Game will start.
  • StartDelay= If bStartGame=True then this is the delay in minutes when the Game will auto start.
  • BotsLeave= If set to True, Bots will leave the game in the normal way as Players join.
  • BotsReady= If set to True the Bots will appear in a Game that has PlayersMustBeReady=True
  • BotsInTTM= If set to True then Bots will appear if TTM is running.
  • EntryTime= The time in minutes that Bots will appear after a Player has joined.

    Just unzip into the servers UT\System folder
    Add Mutator=ServerBots.ServerBots to your startup command line.
    There is no Serverpackage to set as its a Serverside only Mod.

    NB... If your DefaultMapList maps have Mutators or commands attached to them, then ServerBots.ServerBots also needs to be added else ServerBots will get dumped.

    Settings in ServerBots.ini file
    You can have up to 16 defined Bots on a server.
    Just copy and paste a line and change the relavent configurations.
    If you do not want to use a particular configuration just set UseBot=False



    Give your Bots a skill level from 1 to 7

    After copying and pasting a new MyBots line just change the relavent
    UseBot= Name= Character= Voice= and Ping= in each configuration.

    Example: The following will give you 4 defined Bots in a game.


    If you set one of the UseBot=False then that Bot will not be used.

    The original idea goes to   NexXxus
    Testing and inputs go to   NexXxus     UTroll     MikeDr