UnrealTournament 2004

Release Version 1.2

Download DemoPlay4

DemoPlay4 will list, organise and play all UT2004 compatible Demos

  • Rename : rename any Demo file
  • TimeBased : same speed as on recording machine
  • NoFrameCap : no frames will get lost
  • TimeDemo : fast as possible
  • Loop : endless loop

    What it does.
    When you first run DemoPlay4 a DeskTop Icon will be created.
    DemoPlay4 will check for a folder called Demos off your UT2004 folder and create one if its not already there.
    It will use the Demos folder as its default folder.
    It will then list all the UT2004 Demo files in your Demos folder.
    Just click on any one and click Play.

    If you associate DemoPlay4 with a .demo4 extension, then when you double click on a .demo4 file it will auto startup via DemoPlay4.

    Move button
    By clicking on the Move button, should there be any .demo4 files in your System folder, they will be moved into the Demos folder.

    Browse button
    If you have any demos else where in your PC you can browse to them and play them from any particular folder.